Seine has successfully addressed Automation Solutions to various Industries right from Food & Beverage to Industrial and Production Engineering Requirements. Our Defined Process Methodology to address requirements is our major strength.We deploy various technologies in addressing the needs of our client and it includes but not limited to PLC, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Cam etc. We address the complete life cycle of the need including power pack development. We integrate various industry standard systems such as Fibro, Misumi, and Festo etc.

At Seine, We structure the development/Support methodology in Eight various stages.

Understanding the need is a critical need to drive development and Integration processes and in this stage, Our configuration Engineers work closely with Industrial and production Engineers to prepare a structured Work Scope Document.
Understanding AS-IS processes are of high priority to validate and prove enhancements in productivity. Collection of data is a key aspect and our process engineers work closely with Production, Maintenance, Operators and Industrial Engineers to collect and prepare the work break down report.
Building a visualization model is the most important task to establish compliance of deliverables. We use different modern technologies such as Multimedia 3D, to develop a concept Model for Clients to establish an accepted compliance of Delivery.
Productivity challenges are thoroughly analysed during this stage and we bring in the validated concept inputs to establish a design which accommodates customer’s current needs and also sufficient space to include the future needs.
Once the final BOM is discussed and approved by client, We build a progressive work flow structure to involve client a transparent work update system aligning with our program schedules. In this stage we integrated all our internal build systems with supplier integration.
We cover both functional and technical criteria through objective delivery statements in our Work Scope Document and all covered criteria in accepted test conditions, will be tested and the results will be submitted for final approval of client to progress to commissioning.
We adapt to the work practices of our client to ensure a commissioning schedule is agreed and all measures will be taken to minimize down time during commissioning period.
A detailed after sales maintenance and warranty information document is established and control of records is also established with client. Complete BOM with external suppliers warranty information and our product lines are clearly covered and periodical-maintenance procedures are documented with necessary inspection templates.