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DQMS is an integrated engineering learning programme built on a very unique methodology. DQMS address knowledge transfer with a domain specific approach in Design, Quality, Manufacturing and Supply chain management for Engineering Graduates and working professionals in Manufacturing and Engineering Services Industry.


DQMS is built on a Unique Methodology to bridge the gap between the traditional learning methods and the Industry needs. We have moved on from training a learner on a CAD or CAE tool and from Day one we integrate them through a product concept and progress them to Product Realization when they complete the DQMS. When the accreditation is complete, A learner will feel that one can be part of any OEM. In our experience analysis, any accredited DQMS PERFORMER can deliver productivity on par with one to two years experienced engineer but with strong fundamental knowledge on his DQMS Specialization.



As it says, this is your foundation for a progressive skill acquisition of product realization process. During the foundation stage, you will progress within a specific domain approach. It could be Automotive, Aerospace or Industrial Automation. As an example, A learner joining an Automotive Subsystem Development Program will progress with

·         Introduction to DQMS Behavioural Model

·         Introduction to Automotive and Sub systems

·         Selection of a Sub system

·         Design Phase of a Sub system development

·         Quality Management/Assurance

·         How to develop a supply chain, manage supply chain and perform Delivery Management and Cost Analysis etc.

·         Manufacturing Management and Project Management

     DQMS creates a relative and progressing learning method for a learner to benefit from.

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