Our Business

Our Business Model is built on strong fundamentals of invested and established capabilities in Design, Prototyping, Fabrication, manufacturing, Technical Content Development and Supply Chain Management solutions. We integrate our capabilities to address Turnkey solutions to customers’ world-wide in Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas and Defence sector. Our Design and Production Facilities are located in India and United Arab Emirates with Business presence in Europe. We have also established highly structured supply chain partners in Asia/ South East Asia to support cost effective, quality and on time deliverables to our clients worldwide. As an extended service, we offer DQS, an integrated training solution to corporate and individuals.

Our Culture

We are a very exciting and young organization with a focus to develop Leadership in all portfolios of our operations. We feel pride about our working culture, which is horizontal and it reflects from equipment to essentials throughout our organization. At early stage of career, we identify Talents and structure a fast track plan to provide opportunities to manage large responsibilities or even provide them entrepreneurial platform to run an SBU within our business portfolios. The business structure of our organization is carefully constructed with Independent SBUs such that each of them have their own growth model and focus clearly in creating a depth in terms of scalability within the portfolio of its operation. Our culture is our strength.

Our Social Responsibility

We aligned our business growth Model to structure our CSR policies which we launched in 2015. Today, Our CSR programme focusses on needy and rural children who have the talent to excel in Academics and Sports but need support and guidance. We intent to support a full time NGO programme in the near future as part of our CSR activities. We have currently identified and supporting a few needy children and as we grow we pledge our support with a significant contribution of our revenues in CSR programmes. Our future CSR interests would focus on renewable energy, clean water, free education and affordable health care. We encourage all our employees to become part of our CSR activities and our first full scale plan will be released by Jan 2016.